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Wardrobe Full Home Study Program
Wardrobe Full Home Study Program

 How to Clear out, Revitalise and Modernise Your Wardrobe or Closet

(or the 'Stow It, Throw It, Dough It or Flow It' Program)

 (One eBook, 4 Bonus eBooks, 4 Audios, Action Sheet eBook, GGA© Process and One-page Cheat Sheet
  that summarises the 7 Steps)

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'Wardrobe Full, Nothing to Wear' Home Study Action Program

Includes these Bonus eBooks:



 Learn How to Have a Wardrobe Full of Clothes You Love that You Will Want to Wear Often
You stand in front of your wardrobe and say ‘I’ve got nothing to wear!’ ‘Are you kidding!’ replies your husband, partner or the voice in your head. ‘You could open a shop with all the clothes you have in front of you and in all the other obvious and hidden places.’
That other voice is right. You know you only wear less than half of your clothes.
Still those other clothes and accessories stay in your life. They are your memories (good and bad); your fashion disasters; your clothes from a different life; those that fitted you when you were slimmer ….. and many more.
Your clothes are the story of your past and your present life.

You are not alone
Most women dread the thought of clearing out their clothes and accessories.
You may also not de-clutter because you do not know who to give them to who will love and care for them as you did.
Lastly there is the problem of what to buy to replace these items. You may have done this before and ended up filling up your wardrobe with new clothes very similar to the old ones you got rid of.

I won’t kid you. It’s not going to be easy. If it was, you’d have done it by now.
Fashion Translator, Margaret Sims discovered there was more to clearing out your wardrobe than bundling everything up and dropping it in the nearest charity bin.

Start today to begin to happily let go of your past emotions, your procrastinations and your fears.

In this one-of-a-kind Program, Margaret walks you through …..
  • Which clothes to deal with first because these clothes are not about you
  • Why you must find those clothes that are holding past emotions and how to gently let them go
  • How to get real results, fast as you choose which of the two action processes in Step 3 is the best one to end your procrastination
  • Why ‘trust’ is important when repairing and altering your clothes and how to get lots of ideas from trusted sources
  • How to bring back your playful younger self so that dressing becomes fun again
  • Where to dispose of your unwanted clothes so that you become familiar with the risks, the rewards and new ideas for disposing. Margaret helps you change it from a dreaded chore into a magical game
  • How to get started on the ‘modern you’ with some fashion tips that will have you communicating to others your lighter, happier and more confident attitude.
The Program contains –
  • ‘Wardrobe Full, Nothing to Wear’ eBook describing the whole action program. Each chapter contains explanation of the why and how of the main points, personal stories, chapter summaries, ‘aha’ moments, humour and links to the Bonus eBooks
  • Lots of Personal stories because you are not alone in your procrastination, your feelings about your clothes, your worries about where to donate and your modern dressing challenges
  • Two Audios for those who would rather listen than read the ‘Wardrobe Full, Nothing to Wear’ Action eBook or for replaying before you start or as you take action
  • Reflection Exercises to help you understand your emotions and sort out your goals
  • Action Sheets for doing the clearing out, revitalising and modernising of your clothes and accessories
  • A one-page Cheat Sheet to print out to simply remind you of the 7-Step Process
  • Bonus eBooks (2 with Audios) to help you become more assertive with both yourself and others
Your Bonus eBooks and Audios are:

‘How to Say Not to Unwanted Gifts of Clothes and Fashion Advice’ eBook and Audio
This bonus eBook and Audio is about how to set your boundaries. It contains all you need to know and then some more about lovingly and assertively deciding when to accept and when to reject offers of clothes or fashion advice from other women. It also includes suggestions of what to say in these circumstances


‘All Your Head in the Sand Excuses for Hanging on to Clothes’ eBook
There is no escaping me. This bonus eBook goes into all the excuses we use to convince ourselves that we need to hang on to clothes and accessories for a bit or a lot longer. Laugh, cry and face some painful home truths about your clothes.

‘SSMMARTTER© Goal Setting to Achieve your Happy, Healthy Weight’ eBook and Audio
Many women have heard of SMART goals. In this bonus eBook I take it further adding what I consider to be an extra five essential steps needed to achieve your happy, healthy weight. You can also use the 10-Step SSMMARTTER© system to achieve any goal you truly desire.

‘Giving from the Heart – How to Swap, Sell, Donate & Recycle Your Unwanted Clothes’ eBook
It is common knowledge that you can swap, sell, donate or recycle the clothes you are now getting rid of. This bonus eBook gives you everything you need to 'know and do' in one place. It covers how to overcome the main reason many of us procrastinate about doing it, pre-planning to achieve your desired goals and 15 ways to dispose of your unwanted clothes and accessories.

‘Action Sheets’ eBook
This eBook gives you all the Reflection Exercises and Action Sheets in one easy-to-find place. Great for those who prefer listening to the Audios rather than reading the eBook. Also convenient for the eBook readers as you can easily go to your preferred sheet for printing it out.

‘GGA© Process’
 This very important Exercise and Introductory Explanation has been prepared in an easy-to-access PDF. You will probably do this exercise from Chapter 3 more than once; so I have created it as a separate document.

This Program is not a do-it-once process. It is a process that will develop into a lifetime habit. 
As none of us are perfect, the eBook Program ends with a page of hints on Ongoing Wardrobe Maintenance in the hope that you can keep your wardrobe under control in the future. If this does not happen or you need reminding of certain steps, re-start at the chapter that is relevant for you.

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