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Speaking eBook
Speaking eBook

'How to Be Professional & Memorable when Speaking in Public': 

Simple Strategies to Kick-start your Speaking Career to Look & Act like the Expert You Are


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 Learn How to Come Across as Professional & Memorable Every Time You Speak

Have you ever been offered an opportunity to speak in front of a group of people and it has scared you witless?
You have been scared they won’t like you, you’ll look like a complete amateur and no-one will be interested in what you have to offer.
You are not alone – Public Speaking is the No 1 fear of most people.
Learning how to feel confident when you stand up to speak is critical to your professional and business success.
Fashion Translator and Image Consultant, Margaret Sims discovered there was more to speaking than just choosing your best clothes
and organising your talk.
Kick-start your speaking career with professional confidence now.
In this Program, Margaret reveals …..
  • What to do as a first step before anyone asks you to speak so you know which speaking engagements to accept and which to decline.
  • What  not to miss or you will never be invited back again to speak to that group.
  • The handy secret that most speakers (beginners and professionals) overlook. Once applied, you will instantly impress event organisers because it is all about them not you.
  • How a little colour psychology can reinforce your message to your audience. It is not about conning them. It is about connecting with your passion and your interest in other people.
  •  How to avoid embarrassment when meeting organisers and your audience by applying the Bonus Tip.
The Program contains –
  • EBOOK in pdf format with step-by-step instructions to turn you from fearful to professional
  • AUDIO in mp3 format for listening to at any time that suits you
  • CHEAT SHEET in pdf format to keep you focused on the simple steps to success
  • CHECKLIST in pdf format. Separate ones for males and females to build your reputation as a professional and memorable speaker