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Personal Stories Audio Program
Personal Stories Audio Program
Your Stories of Everyday Courage are Worth $$$ to Your Brand and Your Business:

Mobilise Your Personal Stories to make Effective Connections and Attract a Higher Level of Client


 Add this simple, stress-free tool to make your speaking and writing more effective.
Have you ever thought that speaking in front of a group of people would be a great way to attract more clients to your business? 
Many times you have listened to speakers whose lives have been shaped by extra-ordinary tales of courage.
Nothing like that has happened in your life or business. Suddenly all these doubts come up in your mind about whether anyone would want to listen to you.
You are not alone – Most people are scared of boring their audience to death when they speak.
Learning how to make real connections with your audience is critical to your professional and business success.
Stories have been used since the beginning of time to get across important messages in a simple and entertaining way.
They are more powerful than a long ‘Do This List’ or ‘Death by PowerPoint Slides’ where the speaker puts their whole talk on PowerPoint
and reads it from the screen.
Most marketing people will tell you how important it is to use Testimonials or Client’s Success Stories on your website
or when you are giving talks to groups of potential clients.
This Program is not about using your Client Testimonial Stories.
It is about using your personal stories to reveal your humanity to your audience and potential clients in a way that they can relate to.
The more of yourself that you are prepared to reveal to your audience through your stories, the more opportunities you give others
to relate to you in a positive way.
They then trust you more.
Your imperfections and stories of everyday courage in your personal and business life are one of your best marketing and selling tools.

It is much easier that you think to tell your most effective stories to attract a higher level of client.
In this Program, Margaret reveals …..
·           Why your imperfections are one of you best marketing tools.
·           Why it is important to separate yourself in a positive way from everyone else in your field.
·           How your personal and business stories can make instant connections with potential clients and potential strategic alliances.
·           The best place to use these stories.
·           Which type of personal and business stories will attract your best clients and which will repel more demanding clients.
The Program contains
·           AUDIO 1 & 2 in mp3 format for listening to at any time that suits you

- Audio 1 is 62 minutes and is about recording, sorting and using your stories of everyday courage when speaking to your audience
- Audio 2 is 25 minutes and is about collecting and recording your stories and other people's stories to inspire you to keep going

·           CHEAT SHEET in pdf format to keep you focused on the simple steps to success

·           ACTION SHEET in pdf format for gathering, writing down and categorising your stories so that they are always ready when needed.