"How to Learn Exactly what Suits
Your Body Shape and Height...
So You Can Take on Shopping and Life
with Renewed Enthusiasm"

For all Baby Boomer Women who want to look great,

Are you someone who:
  • avoids looking for new clothes because shopping makes you feel so depressed?
  • is hiding behind a character that's not you because you have no idea what else you can wear that would show the 'real' you?
  • feels less valued by your partner, friends, boss or potential clients because you've had the same boring clothes for ages?
  • is frustrated and feeling let down because the clothes in the woman's magazine or catalogue that looked great on the model didn't look as nice or fitted as well when you tried it on in the shop?
  • secretly feels ugly because your current wardrobe hides the bits you don't like but doesn't make any part of you look great?
Don't worry. You're at the right place.

Hi, I'm Margaret Sims and I meet lots of women when I'm out living my life and carrying on my business. 'Oh!! You're an Image Teacher!' they say. And then most of them mentally pull a cloak of self-consciousness around them. Each ones looks at me as if I am ticking off all their supposed faults.

I'm not. Actually I am looking for things to praise about you.

You can dress however you like but if you feel self-conscious about the way you dress, that's you judging yourself negatively.

Here's one solution to help you have a more positive opinion of yourself - Learn the skill of dressing to flatter your unique body shape and height.

Until now you had to pay $550.00 for an individual consultation with me where I measure you, give you  printed Personal Style Portfolio and spend two individual teaching sessions with you to make sure you understand how to get the most from your Portfolio.

Now, there's another option - My Private Stylist web portfolio.

Is My Private Stylist web Portfolio right for you?

YES, it's right if you are happy to do most of the work yourself. You are a woman who can follow instructions and with a little extra guidance, you enjoy the thrill of mastering a new skill and looking fabulous.

YES, it's right for you if you want to 'test the waters' with an affordable product. If it works for you, you will then be keen to buy other products to learn more about being fabulous at any age.

How It Works:
You fill in a simple online questionnaire about your body features. And Voila! Soon you are given a personal key (password). Then you have instant and forever after access to your personalised web pages that teach you all about what looks good on you.

Try Before You Buy:
Check it out by clicking the Graphic below. 
There’s a sample program for Ellen Sims ( no relation to me) so you can see what you will be getting before you buy.


When you click on the link above, you’ll find testimonials from those who’ve bought and used the Private Style Portfolio program before you. Here’s one from the webpage.

Escaped My Style Rut
Wow, this is a fantastic program! It has totally broken me out of my style rut from top of your head down to your toes it covers everything to help you achieve the best possible look and being a web base program makes it easier to access anywhere, anytime.
This program has broken me out of my style rut and the loss of identity that I experienced once I had children and gained weight. It has helped me recapture who I am ! Please feel free to use this as a testimonial; I want to tell people, even if this program saves you making one wrong purchase, then it's worth its weight in gold.
Soula Groves,

What’s In It for You:
When you purchase My Private Stylist Portfolio, you'll get akes a complete program which will –

  reveal to you the secrets of how to look fabulous and modern every day so you never feel let down again
  change your attitude because no way will you let anything about your body get in the way of you looking your best and living your life with zest. ‘Ugly Me’ is not in your dictionary any more.
  have you playing the lead actor in your own life because the person people see from today is the ‘real you’.

jolt the people around you because now you’re the one whose self-confidence has made you stand tall. And that’s very attractive to others.


And in addition if you choose, you will be able to help your daughter, grand-daughter or yourself as this program is for women from 15 -105.

Click below to order now on our secure server.



A lot of women hesitate buying a program like My Private Stylist Portfolio because they think ‘I want to lose weight. After I’ve done that, then this will be just what I need’.
If that’s you, the ‘Program Overview’ website page offers you the ability to update your program twice in the first 12 months without cost. And it tells you how to do it.
If you are planning tolose weight, 12 months is long enough to get serious and put a weight-loss & exercise program in place to achieve or get close to achieving your desired weight.
Don’t put off buying the program because of your intention to lose weight.
Your body shape stays the same all your adult life. Your bones determine your shape and they do not grow or shrink. It is the covering - your muscles & your body fat that can change.

If you are Pear-shaped, you will never become an Hourglass shape. You will by losing weight, become a slimmer Pear-shape.

And that’s the best goal – to be the best You possible.
My Private Stylist Portfolio will show you clothing styles that look good on you now. And if you are really serious about losing weight, then you can update the program twice in the next 12 months to reflect your more defined shape.
Yes I am ready to commit to learn exactly what styles suit my individual body shape and height:

When I purchase My Private Stylist web Portfolio, I will receive:
  • My Private Style Portfolio, personalised for me and available any time I choose to access it on the web.
I understand that if my weight fluctuates any time in the 12 months after purchase, I can update My Private Stylist web protfolio twice for no added cost.
Click below to buy My Private Stylist web Portfolio
for AUD $125.00

Be assured that when you order, it goes to a secure website for you to enter your payment details. Then answer a few questions and your product is ready for you.

Then come back to this website and sign up for 'The Fashion Translator' eZine which I send out to readers every week. It's full of fashion advice for Baby Boomer Women to help you keep looking agelessly stylish and modern.
 Are you ready to take on shopping and life with renewed enthusiasm? Let's get started.

Talk to you soon,

PS – Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. It’s an affordable gift for you or someone special you know. Remember you can buy now and update it twice over the next 12 months if your weight changes.


Margaret Sims
8 Claret Street, Carseldine QLD 4034, Australia
ph: 07 3263 1753
mob:  0407 137 264